What is the Digital Panto Club? 

All designs, no fluff.

Do you like Longarm League pantograph designs but aren't interested in becoming a Longarm League member?

When you join our Digital Panto Club, you'll be treated to a new design in your inbox each month... without any other fanfare

This is the simplest way to be involved in what the League is doing without investing in membership. You don't even have to be a business owner, you can just enjoy getting new digital designs—what a concept! 

If you find yourself buying Longarm League designs periodically and generally like our style...


If you're not sure if you like our style, take a gander at our digital design shop. I consider our designs to be modern but traditionally inspired. In almost all cases, these will be typical E2E (edge to edge) designs. 

This might possibly be the simplest, most affordable digital quilting design club out there.  BUT, in order for it to be the right fit, you have to be willing to "accept the mystery".

You won't know which designs will come out in the future, heck—I don't know what designs will come out in the future because they haven't been created yet.

I do know that in 2020, we sent our Longarm League members a total of 20 digital designs. In 2021, we sent our members 21 designs. 


I'm only promising one design per month, but there will undoubtedly be more. At the bare minimum, you will get 12 designs which would amount to $8.25/each. Obviously, the more designs we release, the greater value you receive, the lower the cost per design, and the happier you'll be. And the happier I'll be, too. It's to my advantage to release new designs because they'll end up in our shop where I sell them to the public at $15/each.



Do Basically Nothing ✅

There is nothing to do except for not deleting our emails when they come each month. Just download the zipped file from the email when you're ready to use it and upload the file format you need into your machine. That's it!

🚫 Designs don't expire
🚫 No decisions needed on your part
🚫 You don't need to login to a website 
🚫 You don't need to remember anything
🚫 No codes to type in

💆‍♀️ It'll feel like you're treating yourself each time a new design pops into your inbox!

A new design will be emailed to you on the first Wednesday of each month. If there are bonus designs, they might be released randomly in addition to the first Wednesday. A mystery wrapped in a surprise? Could this BE any more exciting?

As one more bonus, we'll give you an unlimited 20% discount code on all of our designs that have already been released in the Longarm League shop. The code is something you would have to remember, but it's optional and not the main point of this offer. Remember, we want this to be as easy as possible. 



File formats included with every design: .bqm, .dxf, .hqf, .pat, .plt, .qcc, .qli, .ssd, .iqp, .txt, .wmf

Even the payment is a breeze. You'll be setting up a recurring payment for $99 USD per year, either through PayPal or a credit card. By locking in today's price, your future recurring payments will never increase. The next payment will automatically process a year later locked in at the same $99 rate. This offer may increase for future club members who haven't signed up yet, so make sure to get in on the ground floor! 🎉

Join at any point of the year. Cancel at any time to prevent the next year's payment from automatically processing. No refunds will be given.

So, are you in? 


Complete the checkout and you'll get one design (shown below... it's called Behold) sent to your inbox immediately!  Ooops! That just lowered the price per design to $7.62 because now you're guaranteed a minimum of 13 designs for the year.  

We always move forward in the Digital Panto Club. Once you join, your email address goes on our distribution list to receive future designs on the day they are released. If you join after a certain design is released, we do not retroactively distribute those designs again, but they will be in our shop for purchase (and remember you'll have a 20% discount). But you WILL get all future releases automatically delivered as long as you're in the Club.

Let's do this!

Already a Clubber? 

Check out this chronological view of our designs to make sure you've received all of them by email.