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What is the Digital Panto Club?

Build your digital pantograph library with unique, modern edge-to-edge designs the fun and easy way!

Do you have a computerized longarm machine? If so, you're our people. Keep reading... 

When you sign up for the Digital Panto Club, you'll be the first to get our new designs. In fact, you'll get added to our exclusive email list. When we release a brand new digital design each month, we’ll send it to you with the download link inside.

That’s it! It could not be easier!

🚫 You won't need to spend hours searching for modern designs online.
🚫 There’s no chasing down any login information, the download link comes straight to your email inbox.
🚫 Decision fatigue is real - there is no need to make any decisions with this club. 
🚫 The designs don't expire.

✅ This is like our insider, "Friends and Family" discount to enjoy new designs at a fraction of the retail price!
✅ Over time, you'll have lots of great, fresh options for those modern quilt tops that come through your studio.
💆‍♀️ It'll feel like you're treating yourself each time a new design pops into your inbox!

Join the Digital Panto Club!

If you find yourself buying Longarm League designs periodically and generally like our style...


But what if you're like, "What's a Longarm League?" 🧐

Valid question.

Longarm League®️ is a membership community of longarm quilters & business owners. In 2019, as part of our membership benefits, we started releasing a new, edge-to-edge design to our members each month.

And we never stopped!

Eventually, we put our designs in a shop so the public could purchase them. Since we're still following a monthly release schedule, the Digital Panto Club is our way to let the public "subscribe" to our designs.

To get a sense of what's to come, take a gander at our digital design shop where you'll see all our prior designs. Our style is modern but traditionally inspired. In almost all cases, these will be typical E2E (edge-to-edge) designs. 

Some designs will be fast and easy to stitch out, some might be more "fancy" and detailed. We aim for a good variety.

The Digital Panto Club might possibly be the simplest, most affordable digital quilting design club out there.  BUT, in order for it to be the right fit, you have to be willing to "accept the mystery".


You won't know which designs will come out in the future, heck—we don't know what designs will come out in the future because most of them haven't been created yet.

We do know that in...
2020 we released 20 designs
2021 we released 21 designs
2022 we released 20 designs
2023 we released 19 designs

I'm only promising one design per month, but there will undoubtedly be more. At the bare minimum, you will get 12 designs which would amount to $8.25/each.

At last year's pace, Digital Panto Club participants ended up scoring a $5.21 (!) cost per design. They sell for $15 each in our shop.

Join the Digital Panto Club!

What ELSE do you get with Longarm League designs?

None of our designs get released without having been stitched by me with actual fabric, batting and thread.

Hi, it's Jess Zeigler here. 👋 Founder of the Longarm League and Designer in Chief.

When a new design is released, we provide:

🗂️ a zip file containing the following file types: .bqm, .dxf, .hqf, .pat, .plt, .qcc, .qli, .ssd, .iqp, .txt, .wmf

🎥  a video of my machine stitching it out so that you can see the stitch path

🎞️ photos of a stitched-out sample (sometimes it's tough to envision what a design looks like from a tiny square)

📐the exact software dimensions (including the gap amount, if applicable) so that you'll be equipped to replicate the sizing without the guesswork

📄 a printable PDF showing the single repeat, default dimensions, suggested sizing, and any special notes to help you successfully use the design

Of course, you can always "go rogue" and scale to your heart's desire, but I find that people like knowing the details.

Our schedge:

A new design will be emailed to you on the first Wednesday of each month.

If you join us after the first Wednesday of the month, you won't get your first design until the next month. But don't worry, it all works out. Say you join in mid-April... your first scheduled design might not come until May, but you'll get next April's design as part of your first year in the Club. 

If there are bonus designs, they might be released randomly in addition to the first Wednesday. A mystery wrapped in a surprise? Could this BE any more exciting?

Even if we release more than one design per month, we'll never drop ten new designs on you at once. We like to take our time. We don't want to overwhelm you to the point that you forget what you have or put a burden on your organizational system.

♻️ As one more bonus, we'll give you an UNLIMITED 20% discount code that applies to all of the digital designs that have already been released in the Longarm League shop. The code is something you would have to remember, but it's optional and not the main point of this offer. Remember, we want this to be as easy as possible. 


How much?

• Annual, recurring subscription for $99 USD per year.
• Pay via PayPal or a credit card.
• The next payment will automatically process a year later locked in at the same $99 rate.
• We send courtesy reminders before your renewal date.
• Join any day of the year.
• Cancel at any time to prevent the next year's payment from automatically processing. 
• No refunds will be given.

This is our introductory pricing, and may increase for future club members who haven't signed up yet, so make sure to get in on the ground floor! 🎉

What do others say?

📧 The Digital Panto Club has absolutely become the highlight of my month! The designs are gorgeous, versatile, and always stitch out so beautifully!
Lauren Selby
South Lake Quilt Co.

📧 I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy the designs I receive the first of the month!  They stitch out beautifully and are so fun.  Thank you!

📧 The Panto Club is the best purchase I’ve made, other than actually purchasing my Longarm!  Thanks!

Recap: Do basically nothing ✅


There is nothing to do except for not deleting our emails when they come each month. Just download the zip file from the email when you're ready to use it and upload the file format you need into your machine. 


To join, click the button below and complete the checkout. We'll send you our Behold design to get you started. Ooops! Another bonus! 😜 That was the last one—it just lowered the price per design to $7.62 because now you're guaranteed a minimum of 13 designs for the year. 

Join the Digital Panto Club!

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