Hey there, MVQ-in-training!

That's "Most Valuable Quilter", just in case you aren't fluent in dorky acronyms. 😁 Starting a longarm quilting business is... a lot. There's your new machine and learning how to use it. If you have robotics for computerized quilting, that's a world unto its own.

And then there's the whole business side. You'll need to decide what services to offer, what to charge, how to invoice, how to set up your bookkeeping... and approximately a hundred other things. At least it can feel that way!

Wouldn't it be nice to set your business up for success right off the bat?

My name is Jess Zeigler and THERE'S SO MUCH I WANT TO TELL YOU! 



I've taken the insights that have been the most impactful both in my own personal business and for the members of the Longarm League (membership of other longarm quilters) and distilled them into an easy-to-digest guide all about getting started. Rookie Season is 6-week course that will take you from aspiring business owner to confident quilter-for-hire! 🤩 I want YOUR "rookie season" to be full of progress and excitement instead of uncertainty and regret.

Swing for the fences

This is all about you stepping out in confidence! I want you to be able to offer your service proudly when you're ready to make your move. Your confidence will grow as you learn and as you do. Let's get you ready for your debut!

Get real answers

You want specifics? I'll give you specifics! This is the info I'd give my sister or my best friend. I'll let you know which tools are worth investing in right away and which ones you can skip. I'll give you my templates for invoicing, info to include on your website, a framework to manage your workflow and so much more. On the quilting side, I'll give you my step-by-step process for loading a quilt, tips for accuracy in aligning digital pantographs (but hand-guided quilters are welcome, too!), best practices for changing bobbins, fixing mistakes, mitigating fullness in a quilt top... among others.

Stress Lesssss

I've stressed out about ALL of these aspects of business so that you don't have to! 😂 I mean, you'll for sure have to do the legwork, but at least you'll know how to spend your time in order to cover your bases.

You'll be given access to one module per week so that all of this info will be easy to digest, in an order that makes sense. You'll be able to ask questions along the way via a private Facebook group if you feel stuck or have questions about the info you're learning.

Registration is now live! Don't wait, Rookie Season kicks off January 26th!

Learn More


How do I put this...? We were overwhelming new quilters/business owners. We have accumulated LOT of content in the League membership site geared toward all different experience levels. The basics were getting lost.

For beginners, this course is a pre-requisite to the membership. Once you complete the course and would like access to our amazing community as you implement, you will be invited to join the membership for support in your next phases!

If you are interested in joining the Longarm League membership but are beyond the getting started phases of your business, feel free to submit this assessment linked here for consideration in bypassing the course.