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Business Resources for Computerized Quilters

Do you want to gain confidence and improve your longarm quilting business, or maybe you don't know where to start?

You're in the right place!

Also? I totally get how you feel!

I started the Longarm League because even after YEARS of experience, a healthy business, and hundreds of quilts under my belt, I'd STILL catch myself wondering if I was doing it right! ;)  The nature of our work puts us on our own islands with these huge pieces of equipment and no coworkers! 

Look no further; we've got you covered! 

The Longarm League is a paid membership community of longarm quilters who support each other with enthusiasm, warmth and transparency. 

Have you ever had to apprehensively approach a "competitor" with a question? Those days are over! We believe in collaboration over competition. If you join, you'll receive candid answers to all your burning quilting and business questions!

We have 3 ways to serve you.

1) Rookie Season - this is a pre-requisite to joining the Longarm League if you are a quilter who is just starting your longarm business for the first time. You are going to get focused, step-by-step directions for setting your business up for success, with lots of opportunities to get support along the way. After you complete the 9-week course, we're going to get full membership benefits AND twice-monthly support calls for the rest of your first year with us! Email us for availability: [email protected]

2) For established business owners who would love to grow their reach, learn about topics relevant to this biz and have access to a *magical* community, the Longarm League membership is for you!

3) You can join our Digital Panto Club. It's *just* the pantos, none of the extras. Affordable, fun, simple.

Curious what else you'll receive as a League member?

  • Supportive community via private forum
  • New weekly content
  • Unique pantographs each month
  • Business advice at your fingertips

Welp, ready to join us?!

Or do you need more info? Maybe just a tad?

I'd expect nothing less.

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Thanks for visiting us! 

Jess Zeigler

Founder and "Commish" (aka League Commissioner)

Find us on Instagram: @longarmleague

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