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My name is Jess Zeigler and I've been longarm quilting for over a decade. 

I started the Longarm League because even after years of experience, a strong business (eventually), and hundreds of quilts under my belt, I'd STILL catch myself wondering if I was doing it right!

I began comparing notes via Instagram DMs with other longarm quilters I admired and discovered that so many of us felt the same way.

I broke the ice and started an email newsletter in 2019 that spelled out nearly everything I was doing in my business. After a short few months, there were over 500 people on my list through word-of-mouth, alerting me to the fact that there was something there. The feedback that I was getting about the emails helping people encouraged me to "formalize" the education and advice into a paid membership.

By the way, I still get comments about those early emails and how people couldn't wait each week to get the next email! The emails were later adapted to lessons that can be found in our membership archives.

Did I mention that in the first, ummm.... seven (?) years of my business, I barely had anything to show for it except for the massive lessons learned? Yeah, I want to short-cut that trial-and-error period for you in the worst way! There is no need to flouder for as long as I did.

I've since worked with hundreds of longarm quilters and have learned so much more about what makes longarm businesses successful and sustainable.

The nature of our work puts us on our own islands with these huge pieces of equipment and no coworkers!  If you're going it alone, we want that to change.

The League is all about supporting each other with enthusiasm, warmth and transparency. If you are someone who wants to serve others with your beautiful quilting and feel great about it, join us!

We'd love to have you join the team!


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