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When New York City–based Orlando Ramos decided to start a quilting business after just a couple years of making quilts on his own, he was looking for guidance on how to get his business up and running, as well as learning how to market it. He turned to Rookie Season for help.

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Orlando Ramos of Quiltysaurus

The course began with eight weeks of lessons covering not only the logistics of starting a longarm quilting business, but also quilting techniques, advice for working with clients, and more. Orlando notes, "The lessons were great. It was very easy to follow along with the included videos."

In addition to weekly lessons, group Zoom calls were held throughout the course. Orlando comments, "I participated in all of the Zoom calls. The calls helped fill any gaps, and gave me a chance to ask questions."

"I went from someone who didn't know anything about running a quilting business, to now being a confident entrepreneur."

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Orlando gave his overall experience a, "10 out of 10. If you're sure quilting for others is something you want to do, please take the class. The knowledge you will gain on how to run a quilting business is invaluable."

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One particular piece of knowledge Orlando took away with him is that, "Creating a website is very important. It is essentially the face of your business. I wasn't planning on creating one, but thanks to the League I changed my mind." Rookie Season students get a pre-built, multi-page website template, along with detailed instructions and step-by-step videos, making setting up a customized website very approachable.

"I was able to get clients who found me on the Longarm League Directory right away."

During the membership portion of the course, students learn how to set up a listing on the Longarm League directory, as well as a Google business profile, which has been key for Orlando: "90% of my business now comes from people who have found me through Google search."

Those customers are lucky indeed, as Orlando offers not only edge to edge quilting, but also binding services, embroidered quilt labels, and trimming and serging of quilt edges to simplify attaching your own binding. You can read more at his website, or on Instagram at @quiltysaurus.

Registration details and additional information on Rookie Season can be found here.

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Orlando Ramos

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