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Exes Digital Pantograph Design



This is Exes. 

What I love about the design is the combination of straight and curved lines. Not only that, but the curved lines are echoed to make an even bigger impact. The straight lines give an overall argyle effect, making triangle and diamond shapes emerge.

The result of the straight and curvy lines is a unique texture that employs a bit more "negative" space built into the design than a lot of my other designs.


Technically speaking, the stitch-out is easy. You will have to offset or "stagger" every other row by 50%.

Here are my specifics using a baby-sized sample in the photos (45" x 50" quilt size):
Row height: 4"
Gap: 0"
Pattern height: 4"

I use an Intellquilter as my computer system, so your terms might differ. You do not have to adjust the space between rows as using the offset of every other row will prevent any overlapping.

There is a decent amount of backtracking involved in this design. I didn't find it troublesome as I was stitching it out. You can watch the video at the top of the post to see the stitch path.

When a design has some backtracking or over-stitching, I like to use a thinner thread like a 50 weight. I used Premosoft from Hab+Dash on the top (Light Grey) and I used 60 weight Magna Glide Classic pre-wounds in the bobbin (Tan). It's not always possible when you have a multi-colored quilt top, but picking a thread color that blends with most areas of the quilt will help to diminish the presence of a double-stitched line.

You could play with scaling the design up or down to fit your needs. The row/pattern height at 4" in these photos seems like a good medium scale to me. The un-quilted space that results between the rows is about 2" wide by 3" tall. My biggest concern with sizing this design too large would be that it'll result in an even larger un-quilted space and I think that'd bother me.

We'd love to see how you use this in your quilting.  Use the hashtag #exespanto and tag @longarmleague on Instagram so we can cheer you on!


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