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Favorite Pantographs for Winter Holiday Quilts

Each month we provide our League members with a new lesson aimed at helping them in their business. This month I sat down with three of our members to talk about the logistics involved in running a longarm quilting business during the busy winter holidays, communicating with clients, and planning for time off. I had a great time chatting with Lilo Whitener-Fey of Trace Creek QuiltingNancy Calhoun of Fancy Schmancy Nancy Longarm Quilting, and Tia Curtis of Tia Curtis Quilts, and while the recorded conversation is only available to our League members, we thought it would be fun to share a list of some of their favorite winter holiday pantograph designs with everyone here on our blog.

Below are nine of Lilo, Nancy, and Tia's favorite pantos to use on winter holiday quilts, listed in alphabetical order. Special thanks to League members Ashley Perkins of Hen House QuiltingMelonie Morrow of Quilty Lab Creations, and Shelly Moore of Ma Tante Quilting for providing additional photos for this post.

We tried to be as accurate as possible with crediting the designer(s) of each pantograph and makers of each project. Each bolded pantograph title is linked to a retail listing. Please email us at [email protected] if you see any info that needs correcting.

Without further ado, let's check out the designs!


1. Tia: Becker's Winter Wonderland

© 2013 Barbara Becker, available at Urban Elementz

Quilting and photo by Ashley Perkins of Hen House Quilting
Pieced by: @jenn_tries_to_quilt
Quilt Pattern: Snowflake by Modern Handcraft


2. Tia: Gizmos

© Anne Bright for Anne Bright Designs


3. Tia: Holly Day

© Anne Bright for Anne Bright Designs


4. Lilo: Maureen's Windswept

© 2020 Maureen Foster / Humble Bee Quilting, available at Urban Elementz

Quilting and photo by Lilo Whitener-Fey of Trace Creek Quilting
Pieced by: @k2quiltstoo
Quilt Pattern: Snowflake by Modern Handcraft 


5. Nancy: Jewel Tones

© 2021 Christy Dillon for My Creative Stitches


6. Lilo: Midnight Sparkle

© 2014 Kristin Hoftyzer, available at Urban Elementz

Quilting and photo by Lilo Whitener-Fey of Trace Creek Quilting
Pieced by: @suzyquilts
Quilt Pattern: Gather by Suzy Quilts


7. Nancy: Origami

© 2020 Patricia E. Ritter and Denise Schillinger for Urban Elementz

Quilting and photo by Melonie Morrow of Quilty Lab Creations
Pieced by: @little.lively.things
Pattern: Holly Jolly Tree Skirt by a bright corner


8. Lilo: Poinsettia

© Deborah Lobban for Dastardly Line

Quilting and photo by: Lilo Whitener-Fey of Trace Creek Quilting
Pieced by: @suzyquilts
Quilt Pattern: Maypole by Suzy Quilts 


9. Nancy: Snow Winds

© 2013 Barbara Becker, available at Urban Elementz

Quilt and photo by Shelly Moore of Ma Tante Quilting
Pieced by: @prairiequiltco
Quilt pattern: Sweet Home by Sharon Holland Design


Whichever winter holiday(s) you celebrate, we hope this list gives you some inspiration for your projects. And thanks again to all the League members that supplied content for this post; we love getting to share their talent with you. 

Happy holiday quilt planning!


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