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How do I find clients for my longarm quilting services?

The first question I'm going to ask is: Are you making it easy for quilters to hire you for longarm quilting services? What might be holding them back? How can we overcome objections to hiring you?

I recently asked my Instagram audience from my @threadedquilting account: If you're a quilter who has never hired a longarm quilter, why not?

I left the question open-ended and collected responses for the 24 hours the Instagram Story was live. I got some interesting responses!

The top reason given was that the quilter wanted to do it all themselves from start to finish. I was actually surprised that this reason ended up being the top response! But I also understand this thinking. Personally, I fall within the same category. I've never hired a longarm quilter because I have always really liked the quilting process myself and wouldn't want to "outsource" my favorite part!

The remaining reasons for not hiring a longarm quilter were varied but fell into another nine categories.

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In the video, we look at the other nine reasons that quilters gave for not hiring a longarm quilter and suggest ways that we as quilters-for-hire may overcome their objections. We provide many ideas for how to talk about our services in a way that communicates a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, and we suggest simple solutions to remove barriers that may exist that you might not even be aware of. 

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