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Friends of P Digital Pantograph Quilting Design



The Longarm League's latest digital pantograph release is called Friends of P. Yes, it's a strange name for a digital pantograph design, but it's also the name of a quirky and catchy song from the mid-nineties by a band called The Rentals. Watch the video here and I'm so sorry if it gets stuck in your head!

I hope it's obvious as to why Friends of P came to mind when I was trying to name this design. My maiden name starts with a P also, so I guess I'm partial to the letter.


There is certainly a "mod" vibe to this design as well, so keep it in mind for your grooviest, mid-century-looking tops! :) 

This sample quilt size is approximately 45" x 50". For a reference in scaling the design, the pictures here show a 4.0" row height with a gap between rows of -0.396" which created a pattern height of 4.396".  

There are some small areas of backtracking, back-stitching, over-stitching, whatever you want to call it, but nothing that's too difficult to execute or line up. There is no offsetting required. Watch the video of the stitch-out at the top of this post to see the exact stitch path.

Whether you set your row height a little bigger or smaller than 4", visually aim for the same spacing between the rows as the spacing within the rows. You'll get a consistent, cohesive look that lets the texture do its thing in the background. 

I'm also picking up some owl-eye looks from this design, so by all means, if you come across an owl-themed top, you'll know what to do! 


If you do use this design, I'd love for you to use the hashtag #friendsofppanto and tag @longarmleague so we can see what you're up to!   


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