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Geoglyph Digital Quilting Design


Geoglyph is a large 120" wide x 12" tall block design. Watch the video above for just one example of how to use this one design file. I think you'll see how many permutations are possible!

You'll see this in the video, but when I imported the design, it was resized by Intelliquilter to have a row height of about 7". I scaled to 100% for the row height of 12" before I began placing the blocks. Make sure to maintain the ratio of the design to avoid distortion and clip or trim away the part of the design that's not needed when you actually quilt it out.

To give you an idea of the density of the designs at 12", the spacing of the lines ranged from 1/2" to 1", so there is room to scale up or down depending on the density you'd like to accomplish. The wholecloth baby quilt I stitched out shown above is roughly 43" x 53".

There's no backtracking and blocks do not have to be placed precisely unless you'd like to play with using a mirror image between the rows.

I'm a slow quilter in general, but I was able to speed up my machine with this design and got great results. In other words, once you set it up (most of the work with this one?), it stitches out quickly and easily!


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