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Glancing Digital Quilting Pantograph Design




I get naming fatigue when I'm working on lots of pantograph designs, often at the same time. I like to have practical names so that I can remember essentially what they look like without opening the files, but then those names don't often translate well to the marketplace.

This is one of those designs that I really can't recall what it started out being, but after I saw "snake eyes" I couldn't really see anything else. Longarm League member Lin Miller suggested the name Glancing in our Slack channel and immediately I knew that it was a better title than Snake Eyes.  Or maybe I should have cut right to the chase and named it Kaa after the character in Jungle Book. 😁 It wouldn't be the first time a design of mine inadvertently took on the shapes of animated Disney characters. 

What I DO remember about this design is that it's easy to stitch out with no backtracking. Huzzah! 

When setting the design up in a computerized system, it does require every other row to be offset by 50%. 

Since we're talking technical details, let's dish!

This sample quilt size is approximately 45" x 50". The size that I ended with shown in the pictures here is using a 3.0" row with a gap between rows of -1.11" which created a pattern height of 4.11".  

In addition to not having any backtracked or over-stitched lines, there is some room between the rows so that alignment doesn't have to be perfect in order to look great. In my world, that's enough to be able to label it "beginner-friendly". 

I would consider it to be a good medium density design as well. In my experience, simple motifs like this repeated at a small-to-medium scale can create a lot of fun texture on a quilt without being too complicated or distracting to a quilt top.

I think this design would work well on a variety of modern quilts or kid quilts. I certainly invite you to see something else entirely in this design! Regardless, I'll forever love the interplay of angled and rounded lines in the same design, it tends to add interest and dimension.


If you do use the design, I'd love for you to use the hashtag #glancingpanto and tag @longarmleague so we can see what you're up to!  


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