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May Flowers Digital Quilting Design




You know what they say about April showers... they bring May Flowers!

April was a dreary, wet month where I live in Central Iowa and it's actually continuing into the first few days of May. But we have hope that sunshine and flowers will appear very soon!

I really love Scandinavian design and I hope that comes across in this simple tulip-esque pantograph. To jazz it up just a bit, I added a scalloped edge to the repeat. It should be a great choice for the upcoming spring quilts in your queue. 

May Flowers could be used both on traditional and modern quilts—the scale is adaptable, as well. I'll give you my details for this sample below.

Here are my specifics using a baby-sized sample in the photos (45" x 45" quilt size):
Row height: 3"
Gap: -1"*
Pattern height: 4"
Offset: 50%
Backtracking: none

*Gap refers to the space I'm allowing between rows. I use an Intelliquilter for my computerized quilting, and because that measurement is quantifiable, I provide it here.

The row height PLUS the noted gap amount totals the "pattern height". If you don't use an Intelliquilter, you'll likely want to start sizing with the pattern height number and adjust the spacing between rows to your liking.

I do like to leave a small space between rows, just so I don't have to be meticulous when advancing. It looks just fine if the rows don't touch each other.

We've begun adding a PDF to our zipped file so that you can print out design images and add your own sizing info or user notes. Here's a look at what the PDFs look like:

Feel free to watch the video at the top of the blog post to see the stitch path—quick and easy!

If you use May Flowers on a quilt, we'd love for you to use the hashtag #mayflowerspanto and tag @longarmleague on Instagram so we can see what you're up to! 

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