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Paradoxical Digital Quilting Design




Want an easy solution to quilting that looks like you spent HOURS on back-breaking ruler work?

Paradoxical is the design for such a time as this!

This hexagonal-shaped series of straight lines would look amazing on a modern quilt top.

With this edge-to-edge design, you get the look of complexity with the ease of set-up and use.

As for set-up, you'll want to offset every other row at 50% and close the gap between rows until the amount of spacing between the rows looks the same as the distance between the lines with the motif at the scale you choose.

When I'm testing out a new design, I stitch it out to make sure everything is sequenced property and quilting smoothly. I usually only do one sample, but after the first attempt, I found ways to drastically improve the stitch path without changing the design. For the second time around, I decided to make the scale much smaller. In the next photo, you can see the original sample on the left and the updated sample on the right.

Sample on the left (larger scale):
Row height: 11.25
Gap: -2.99"
Pattern height (the sum of both values): 14.24"

Sample on the right (smaller scale):
Row height: 7.0"
Gap: -1.861"
Pattern height: 8.861"

I use an Intellquilter as my computer system, so your terms might differ.

The sample quilt sizes are approximately 45" x 50". On the smaller scale stitch-out, the distance between the lines was about .45".

You can watch the video at the top of this post to see the stitch path. There is some backtracking, but not an oppressive amount.

This E2E design would look incredible for modern tops that have a lot of negative space. The reason I say that is because typically, large negative spaces can "support" a bit of complexity in the quilting design. You may not want to use this type of design for a quilt with lots of patchwork, lots of colors, lots of fabric, or.... that otherwise has "a lot going on".

Taking this a whole different direction... do you need a quick gift?

Create a wholecloth quilt from solid fabrics just like these samples shown and you are done! Skip right to the good part... the quilting! Doesn't everyone like the quilting step the best?? 😉

 If you use this design, we'd love for you to use the hashtag #paradoxicalpanto and tag @longarmleague so we can see what you're up to!   


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