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Petal Pursuit Digital E2E Quilting Design from Red Willow Quilts

This week our Longarm League and Digital Panto Club members are getting a bonus design in their inboxes from Heather Derksen of Red Willow Quilts. Meet Petal Pursuit! You can buy it here in Heather's shop.

Petal Pursuit


From Heather:

The initial iteration of this design had twice as many circles but required precise alignment between rows. However, with a bit of tweaking I was able to create a design with only a small amount of backtracking. It has the same feeling I set out to create with a small space between rows to reduce the difficulty of the alignment.

This design is set up with rows being offset, leaving a small gap between the rows. As I mentioned, there is a small amount of backtracking, but it sits right in the middle of the ‘flower’ design and shouldn’t pose too many problems as it’s not overstitching previous rows.

Technical details

Specifications for this stitch out test are as follows:
Row Height: 3.25”
Rows are offset by 50%
Gap between rows: -0.58”

You can use the hashtag #petalpursuitpanto on Instagram or tag @redwillowquilts so I can see how you use this design!


To see more of Heather's designs, visit her shop. If you'd like to subscribe to her newsletter you'll get a free panto (pictured below) upon signing up. Thanks so much for sharing your design with us this month Heather!


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