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Improve Efficiency with an Intake Form for Your Longarm Quilting Business

Having a thorough quilting intake form can cut down on a lot of back and forth communication with your client, making the process clear for both parties and your workflow more efficient.

I found that whether I was serving a neighbor from across the street or a mail-in client I'd never met, it was easier for me to stay organized to direct all requests through the same channel -- the "Book A Quilt" form on my website.

Having an online quilting form on my website made it really easy to send people a link to my form through direct messages on Instagram. This happened too many times to count! You could also link your "Book A Quilt" page in your Instagram bio link for direct access or include it as one of many links with a Linktree service.

The page on which the form appears should have clear instructions for how to work with you. In my opinion, your whole website should serve to facilitate work flowing into your queue. Place a link to your "Book A Quilt" form on every page. Link it in a button. Have it in an obvious location from your home screen, add it to blog posts. Make it visible and obvious.

I loved the automation that I set up for my quilting request form. When a client visited my site and filled out the form, I would get an email notification that I had a new request, and all of the responses to the form fields automatically populated into one spreadsheet that I could view at a glance to know how many quilts were on their way, how many arrived, client contact info, what pantograph each person requested, what thread color, etc. I was able to move rows around to account for any changes in the order of my queue and use color-coding if necessary to tell me important info at-a-glance.

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