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Simple Cable E2E Longarm Quilting Design




Simple Cable was created as a simplified version of Sweater Weather. I used this simplified version in the Cable Knit extended-width design, but since I know that not every computerized quilter's software allows block designs, I wanted to provide a new option for those who can only use repeated pantograph designs like this one.

Another difference between Sweater Weather and this design is the width of the pattern repeat. Sweater Weather has a wider repeat; the default width is 6.25". I designed Simple Cable to have a shorter width at 5", but it can always be resized. 

If you offer custom quilting, you could put a row of this cable in a sashing or border.

The Quilting Particulars

You have a few options with this design. 1) You can set it up without an offset or with an offset. In the sample shown, I did not use an offset. 2) You can load a quilt top sideways so the cables run vertically when the quilting is complete.

I posted a wide-angle video of my machine stitching out a row of this design. You can view it at the top of this blog post.

Here are the sizing specifications for how I set up this sample quilt size using my Intelliquilter (43" x 50" quilt size):

Row height: 3"
Gap: 0.196" 
Pattern height: 2.804" (measurement from top to bottom of the repeat)
Offset: none or to your liking
Backtracking: some

Here's a look at the included PDF:

If you use Simple Cable on a quilt, we'd love for you to use the hashtag #simplecablepanto and tag @longarmleague on Instagram so we can see how you use it! You can also visit our full digital design shop to take a look at all our previous designs.

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