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Sprawl Digital Quilting Design




Quilty friends, this design is called Sprawl. 

I love, love, love using echoed lines and shapes to make a textural impact. You can see that I used that technique with this design while also incorporating a small curve. 

Here are my specifics using a baby-sized sample in the photos (45" x 50" quilt size):
Row height: 3"
Gap: -1.478"*
Pattern height: 4.478"
Offset: 50%
Backtracking: minimal

*Gap refers to the space I'm allowing between rows. I use an Intelliquilter for my computerized quilting, and because that measurement is quantifiable, I provide it here.

The row height PLUS the noted gap amount totals the "pattern height". If you don't use an Intelliquilter, you'll likely want to start sizing with the pattern height number and adjust the spacing between rows to your liking. You may not have a measurement available that tells you the measurement between rows, and that's okay. 

We've begun adding a PDF to our zipped file so that you can print out design images and add your own sizing info or user notes. Here's a look at what the PDFs look like:

The only bit of backtracking happens after the lower curve is stitched and the line makes its way back up the outside of the motif to start the next repeat.

The design is simple yet modern at the same time. I imagined multiple mountain peaks as I was creating the shapes.

The pockets of open space in relation to the echoed straight lines provides a contrast that translates into interesting texture.

Feel free to watch the video at the top of the blog post to see the stitch path. It's pretty straight forward.

If you use Sprawl on a quilt, we'd love for you to use the hashtag #sprawlpanto and tag @longarmleague on Instagram so we can see what you're up to! 


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