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Megan Ellinger of Tiny Orchard Quilts

Megan Ellinger—a member of the Longarm League—asked if she could interview me for her YouTube channel, and I heartily agreed! Her YouTube channel and business name is Tiny Orchard Quilts.

Most of our members provide longarm quilting services to clients, so I was intrigued about her business model as it's a bit more "non-traditional". Naturally, I asked if I could also flip the tables and interview her for a behind-the-scenes look at her business. She agreed and we had so much fun having two back-to-back and totally different conversations about quilting and the business of quilting! 

The interview that we recorded for her channel went live last week, you can watch it here. We covered a lot of ground! Her audience had a lot of great questions about what it's like working with a longarm quilter such as typical costs and turnaround times, and we talked about the League itself, including our Rookie Season course. Megan even did the work of breaking our interview out into chapters so you can skip to any part of the video you're interested in. Check out the video description for the shortcuts. 

In the interview we recorded for the Longarm League membership, we talked about starting her YouTube channel, growing it to over 27k subscribers and monetizing it, and some of her other revenue streams (she's a pattern designer and a quilting designer with great edge-to-edge options). The interview was super-interesting and definitely inspiring! 

Next week, Megan will be attending our monthly live Longarm League Group Call so that she can be a resource to other members who have questions about YouTube or the other topics we covered. I'm really looking forward to that!

If you're a longarm quilter in business and interested in joining the League, check out our benefits here. New members get access to all of our archived lessons and interviews in addition to monthly new digital designs, a directory listing, and maybe best of all - the community of other quilting business owners. 


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