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White Space Digital E2E Quilting Design



This design is all about the negative space—also known as white space—around the lines. I love how the curvy parts of the design are reminiscent of cathedral window blocks and how the straight lines create channels that provide some contrast to the curvy.

If I didn't design this and wasn't sure where the repeats were, it looks like it could be difficult to line up from row to row. That is definitely not the case! This design is very simple to stitch out. Every other row does need to be offset by 50%, but there is no exact matching necessary anywhere. 

If you stitched this design out on a quilt loaded on its side, you'd see results that play up hourglass or spool shapes. I also see asterisks and orange peel variations if I look at the pattern long enough! :) 

The Technical Details

A video of the stitch path appears at the top of this post. Again, it's a pretty straightforward and simple design with a fluid sequence. On the included PDF, I did indicate "minimal" overstitching when the straight line bisects the triangles before it begins the next repeat. This likely won't cause any issues unless you run out of thread and need to restart your stitching line at that exact same spot where the lines converge. If that happens, just back up a bit more until you're sure you have the correct part of the repeat identified.

Here are the sizing specifications for how I set up this design using my Intelliquilter (45" x 45" quilt sample size):

Row height: 2"
Gap: -1.03" 
Pattern height: 3.03" (measurement from top to bottom of the repeat)
Offset: 50%
Backtracking: minimal

Here's a look at the included PDF:

If you use White Space on a quilt, we'd love for you to use the hashtag #whitespacepanto and tag @longarmleague on Instagram so we can see how you use it! You can also visit our full digital design shop to take a look at all our previous designs.

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