Wondering whether the League might be a good fit for you? See what our Longarm League members, Rookie Season students and Digital Panto Club members have to say...

Michelle Pratt

Michelle Pratt of Seashell Quilting Studio on Rookie Season

Michelle Pratt gives an inside look into how Rookie Season helped her launch Seashell Quilting Studio.

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Holly Smith


"I'm really just starting my longarm business and everything offered in the class was super helpful. It would have taken me hours, weeks and even months to research all of the content that was relevant to my business - especially with little ones at home. Even though we own a family business, starting my own longarm business was very intimidating and I had no idea where to begin. I was able to follow along and complete the steps as the Rookie Season content was released each week. Thank you!"

Narda Pinkham


"I have thought many times over the past several months, since I became a member, this was ^the^ best investment I have made in my new longarm business. The community, the breadth of experience - it all adds up to a powerhouse resource."

Emily Vardeman

"Because of Rookie Season, I was ready to start having clients as soon as I opened."

Emily Vardeman shares how Rookie Season helped her jumpstart her longarming business so that she could start helping other quilters tell their stories.

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Orlando Ramos

"I went from someone who didn't know anything about running a quilting business, to now being a confident entrepreneur."

Orlando Ramos used the skills he learned in Rookie Season to build a successful quilting business in NYC.

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Shelly Moore

Shelly Moore


I have learned so much from Jess! One of the MOST important things she taught me was to price my services appropriately and pay myself first. Thanks to this life-changing knowledge (no exaggeration), I was able to retire from my full-time job and now spend all my time on my longarm career. I feel really confident in my finances, and have the know-how to manage my cashflow for success. 

Without getting this information at the start of my career, I would have wasted so much time... I will be forever grateful for the hyper-specific guidance, advice, and knowledge I have received from Jess!

Melinda Collins


"I am so glad that I made the decision to join the Longarm League. I knew that I wanted to quilt for others, but didn't know quite where or how to begin. The Longarm League helped me to set realistic goals for my business, develop a strategic plan, and is also a vast resource for quilting tips and techniques. From learning how to photograph quilts and post them to social media to bookkeeping for a quilting business, the information is relevant and the community of members truly supportive and focused on helping one another be successful."

Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell


"I have only been longarming for a little over a year. 😱 Around the time I got my longarm, Jess @threadedquilting started the @longarmleague and I signed up immediately. I was nervous about learning all the things I needed to learn about the machine, and starting a business longarming for clients, and having to figure everything out on my own (bc it's not like longarmers can go in the the office and chat with each other everyday). But I knew what kind of content Jess was lining up for the group and it made me feel a million times better about what I was doing here.

"Fast forward a few months and a lot of getting started lessons, and I'm VERY LITERALLY stitching up quilts that will go in a BOOK. And yes, that's Urban Quilting from @the.weekendquilter. Not only was it amazing to work with Wendy on her beautiful quilts, it was exactly the kind of quilting work I wanted to be doing. I've said this before, but I really don't think I would have said YES to this opportunity if it hadn't been for everything I learned in the first few months of the Longarm League.

"Rookie Season is a lot of that wonderful "getting started" content for people who want to start their longarm quilting business, wrapped up in a fun course format. There's a link in my profile where you can learn more about Rookie Season and the Longarm League, but if you're thinking about it/on the fence, I highly encourage you to check it out. Truth, I was also nervous about getting my own clients when I was already following so many talented longarmers. But seriously, there is more than enough quilting work for EVERYONE. Especially when we've all been at home making quilts for the past 10 months.

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